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Warbird Marine Holdings BUYS Yellowfin Yachts

Warbird Marine Holdings has previously acquired the well-known Invincible Boat Company that produces premium high quality salt-water fishing vessels. Now they have successfully bought the company Yellowfin Yachts which specialize in widely recognizable offshore fishing boats. With this purchase of Yellowfin Yachts, Warbird will become one of the best and the largest in the industry to specialize in high quality custom offshore fishing boats. This is a monumental move in the industry as they have the potential to capitalize on the majority of the offshore fishing markets. 

(Source: Salt Water Sportsman)


The two companies will act as sister brands and in no way be conjoined. They will operate completely separate from each to uphold their brand image. Warbird provides Yellowfin Yachts with the resources and scale to continue their production of the quality craftsmanship of their boats. This will allow growth to flourish in the facilities, people, and new product development which were the exact factors that caused Invincible Boats to excel so rapidly. Warbird intends to do the same with Yellowfin, keeping in mind both companies have their own design features and philosophies that differentiate the two.


(Source: Invincible Boats)

The CEO of Warbird Marine Holdings, John Dorton was previously the CEO of Invincible Boat Company. He has built up his expertise and experience in building brands over the years which has earned him the reputation of being one of the best executives in the boating industry. Given his background, acquiring Yellowfin Yachts further emphasized his intended brand image of upholding market leading brand quality, exceptional customer experience, investment capital, and professionalism in all forms of business.


(Source: The Business Journals)

Warbirds' intended goal from this addition to their company is to eventually set the bar of standard for center console segment boats. Mr. Dorton stated, “the center console category is split between volume builders that can’t deliver the customization, quality and performance the premium buyer demands, and small prestige brands that build quality boats but lack the scale and investment to become truly state-of-the-art.” Dorton’s overarching goal with Yellowfin Yachts and Invincible Boats is to deliver an exceptional product that also provides a top of the line customer experience to match.



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