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Fourth of July Boating Activities

If you thought the crowds on the water were insane for Memorial Day, you better be prepared to see the outcome for the Fourth of July. It’s easily one of the most popular boating weekends of the entire year. Here are some activities you can do on the boat that don’t involve cruising among the crowds all day. Read up on all our boating safety tips for holiday weekends here.


(Source: Cape Gazette)
Dress for the Occasion 

This holiday only comes around once a year and who doesn’t love sporting patriotic-themed attire for fun? Embrace the holiday weekend by putting on your best American-themed clothing or red, white, and blue-dyed items. Just imagine all the fun pictures you will capture of everyone!


Create a Playlist 

Once you dress the theme you can take it a step up and create a playlist that encapsulates the holiday. Gather all your favorite patriotic songs to play at full volume as you cruise on the water. If you don’t know many patriotic songs just put together a fun boat day playlist that will keep spirits high all day long. 



BBQ Onboard 

We’ve all attended or held a bar-b-que on land before, but have you ever done it on a boat? Fire up the portable grill and pack all the essentials to feed your crew. Grilling on the boat is a great way to curb mid-day hunger when it strikes and enjoy a meal on the water. Good music, good food, and good company make for great memories. 


(Source: Southern Boating)

Finding Fun Cruising Spots

Wherever you are choosing to spend this holiday weekend at there are boating spots that people go to socialize with others. These are great places to anchor the boat and meet new people who are also celebrating the holiday as well. Find out the local hangout locations and plan to stop by throughout the cruise. 


Watching Fireworks

Depending on the time of day you plan to be on the water plan to attend a firework show. Do not set off fireworks from your vessel, that is not smart boating. Instead, find out if there is a local show scheduled to occur and cruise over to that location. Watching the fireworks from the water allows you to have the best seat in the house to observe. If you plan to have kids aboard this is a must-do activity!

(Source: Lumina News)

These are just some of the activities you could do on your boat this July Fourth, the options are unlimited! Be sure to be safe boating as crowded waterways can be dangerous and often full of amateur boaters. Be aware of your surroundings and do not drink and drive a vessel. Enjoy your holiday weekend with friends and family! Happy Fourth of July!






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