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Clean Swell App: Helping the Environment


Seems like nowadays there is an app for everything so it makes sense that there is one to track the pieces of plastic you scoop up on the beaches. That is just what Ocean Conservancy created with the release of their app Clean Swell. It encourages people to be accountable for the trash they deposit on the beaches and for cleaning up the environment. 


(Source: Pacific Beach Coalition)


Who created the app?

Ocean Conservancy is a global non-profit environmental group dedicated to constructing ocean policies at the federal and state government levels. Clean Swell is a mobile extension to the worldwide coastal cleanup challenge. 


(Source: npENGAGE)


Why was the app created? 

There needed to be an incentive for people to pick up trash along the beaches and waterways. Ocean Conservancy felt this app would emulate what other platforms of social media offer to their users, which is a platform to post updates. Furthermore, Clean Swell will motivate users to post their collection of trash they collect off the beaches. 


How does the app work?

Once downloaded and installed when you open up the app, simply press “Start Collecting” to begin entering your trash finds. You can even make note of how many are in your group collecting essentially logging your cleanup activity as you go. The app makes it easy to make notes of each clean-up by date, time, and location. All of this data is uploaded instantaneously to Ocean Conservancy's global trash database. 


(Source: Google Sites)


What is the data used for?

Ocean Conservancy uses this data logged into the app to aid in research for solutions to the global ocean plastic crisis. The information helps researchers develop solutions and policy-makers as they are getting a real snapshot of how dramatic the issue is. 


How do I encourage people to use this app?

Organize a company beach sweep with your work and split up into groups to cover more area. Have each group log their information into the app and incentivize whoever picks up the most trash at the end of the beach sweep. This can also be done in organizations at any level of education or in a group of friends. It’s super easy to encourage the use of Clean Swell and is a great way to bring together people supporting a good cause and bettering the environment!


Where to download Clean Swell?

The app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play. 





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